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Prevue Assessments

The value that human capital can bring to a company’s results is more important that ever.  If you’ve ever asked yourself how do I hire team members that are better suited to my market and building my business, it could mean that team members have been hired based on gut instinct.

Learn about potential behavior. Will Bill be nervous in making cold calls? Will Susan be too self-motivated to lead a team? Are you looking for an individual who fits with your company’s existing culture or more open to change and innovation?

Prevue Assessments evaluate candiates based on their cognitive abilities and fit with the Big 5 personality characteristics of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

The Personality Assessment Report is easy to read, and paints an authentic picture of the candidate. You’ll see how this person compares to your benchmark, and get recommendations for interview questions that target ‘problem’ areas.

Workshops For Specific Skills Development

Sometimes you have a specific skill set development requirement that you need to address to hit your sales goals in the short-term.  It could be how to better at prospecting, qualifying opportunities, leveraging social networks, connecting with senior decision makers or overcoming price objections.  We provide half day to two day workshops including activity based learning that help to quickly address gaps in sales performance and provide remedies to achieving better results in the future.

We start by understanding what experience your representatives have, what training they’ve received in the past and where you think the challenge to progress lies.  Once this assessement is complete, we map a learning process to deliver the best return on investment.

Momentium Sales Academy
Simulation Based Sales Training & Coaching in the Cloud

6, 12, or 24 – Months Programs

Adults take time to learn and adopt new skills, habits and behaviours. Most sales training is sporadic and episodic. Teams are sent to off-site training events, drink from a fire hose of new skills for one to five days, then return to the office and try to turn the skills into habits. Most participants fail to fully adopt all of the skills. The solution is to extend the learning experience long enough to ensure the skills turn into new habits and behaviours. To do this means the training and coaching must be embedded into your team’s development.

Momentium is on-line portal based sales training program for self-study. The program is then supported in bi-weekly video conference calls in small intimate class sizes. The video conference is facilitated by a Purposeful Selling Coach who reinforces the simulation training and integrates the lessons into the daily habits and behaviours of the participants. Through the program your salespeople do not just learn new skills; they learn how to use those skills in their regular sales calls.

Solution Part One: Bring the Learning Experience to the Participant

Momentium Academy delivers a gamified cloud based learning system: all you or your sales team, the participant, needs is a computer and the Internet.  Participants progress through missions with sales call simulations to practice their skills.  The program has 40 missions with three levels: Foundation (1-14), Intermediate (15-28), and Advanced (29-40).  The pace of the program is a mission every two weeks.

Solution Part Two: Support the Learning Experience with an Expert Coach

The Momentium Sales Academy organizes groups of 8 to 12 participants.  Each group joins a 1-hour video conferencing session every two weeks after each mission.  These interactive sessions allow the coach to help the participants interpret the learning and apply it to their open opportunities.  Depending on the program level this bi-weekly reinforcement can run from 7 to 20 months.

The Principle of Deliberate Practice

A proven method to skills mastery

  • A consistent set of exercises
  • Performed in a specific way
  • Repeated over time
  • Supported by an expert coach

Training + Coaching + Time = Development

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