Value Proposition Design

Foundation For Consistent Results

A value proposition is how you and your solution helps a customer to achieve their business objectives, makes a meaningful difference to their business, and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

It positions you to compete profitably without cutting your prices in even the most price-sensitive environment. A power value proposition will open doors quickly.  A specific value proposition should use business language and the prospect should be able to visualize the business results we’ll provide and exactly the value you could bring to their organization.  If you don’t know your value, why should you expect the prospect to?  

Why it’s important? It clearly and concisely answers the question that everybody wants to know.  What’s in it for me? Customers need tangible business results to justify their expenditures.   Buyers only care about the value you can deliver to solve their pain or help them achieve their business objectives.

If your perceived benefit outweighs the cost, the buyer will be motivated to act!

How we start?

The key to building a compelling value proposition is founded in the success that you have secured for your customers in the past.  Explaining through stories, the business results that you’ve delivered to solve their business problems or the business objectives you’ve helped them achiveve.

What's delivered

We work with you to craft a compelling business impact focused story that speaks directly to the results that you generate for your clients.  The first time you deliver this message, you’ll know you’ve succeeded because your audience will understand exactly how you can help them.  If you’d like to include the financial results your product or service can generate, we include an ROI calculator.

Not One and Done

A value proposition evolves with every successful project completion or as you add new products and services.  We incoporate new successes and feedback from clients to improve the effectiveness of the brand story you sell. 

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