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At Purposeful Selling, we support you in creating a value-added selling approach that builds a success formula for sustainable results.
It’s a hope-filled message centred on how you can compete profitably in even the most price sensitive markets.

Value Proposition Design

Human-to-Human engagement starts with a value-oriented converstation. One that’s meaningful for the person you’re trying to help or the problem you’re  trying to solve.  It’s about what’s in it for them.  We go further by focusing on the business-impact we deliver for your customers.  It’s the quadruple win philosophy.

Sales As A Service

We provide contact-focused development services on as required basis for clients who want more surety in the results that are delivered. Whether it’s staying in touch, booking appointments or securing up-sell and cross sell opportunities.  Pricing models are designed around outcomes delivered.

Sales Training / Coaching

Being a successful competitor starts with delivering a positive customer experience.  We focus on understanding your people’s strengths to help them make every 1:1 conversation a positive engagement.  This approach builds confidence, resilience and opens up opportunities.

What Client’s Say

Jean is an accomplished professional that is dedicated to the success of her partners.  Jean is a quintessential resource to help develop the hidden talents of each individual to succeed in all projects with greater effectiveness and productivity.

Perry Malfara
Marketing Director, Gerald Shtull & Associates

I began working with Jean in the summer of 2017.  I have found her bright, knowledgeable, and hardworking.  Another thing I like is that Jean has a good sense of what she can do to help her clients achieve their objectives and grow their business.  She has my complete trust.

Kent Ekstrom
Owner, Growing Marketshare 365

When looking for a vendor, responsiveness and integrity rank high on my “must haves”. Jean has this and more – in that she not only promotes the services her company provides, but she understands the product at the level I expect of someone who is an expert in her area.

I’m used to often working with vendors where the sales people sell, and then once you’ve “signed” – you deal with folks who are less interested in pleasing the client. Jean does both.

Paul J. Larson
President, Taylar Development, LLC

Simply put Jean “gets it”.

Jean’s insights and thorough understanding of our project was a major factor in our winning industry awards and garnering future successes.

A consummate professional and insightful individual, who provided thoughtful opinions and perspective.

Aris Gouvis
Vice President, Client Services, TCP Direct

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