Having A More Purposeful Approach

Adaptability Is Key To Survival

There’s a quote usually attributed to Charles Darwin, “It’s not the most intellectual or the strongest species that survives, but the species that is able to adapt or adjust best to the changing environment in which is finds itself.”

Every day we’re being forced to deal with change at an unprecedented rate – it can often feel like a wave is continuously crashing over us, pushing us under water so you can’t get free to catch your breath. Change is much like the advice they give to escape a rip tide. Good swimmers are in no immediate threat of drowning unless they panic and exhaust themselves by trying to fight the current. Rip currents don’t drag you under, even if it feels that way when you encounter one. They pull you out to sea.

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How Leadership Can Impact Value Creation.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about value creation and leadership. With so many companies experiencing persistent revenue pressure, disruptive innovation from ever increasing competitors and the need for strategic leadership, why are many companies struggling in this area? I believe it’s because we continue to kick the ball down the road. Once we achieve that ever elusive “number”, then we can focus on non-core, not time-sensitive activities that will grow our business. Unfortunately this idea continues to perpetuate product-oriented, short-term thinking. Senior Executives are committed to cost containment and revenue optimization, although where customers and suppliers interface, dynamics are demanding insight and mutual value creation.

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